We all know hashtags are popular right now. Twitter and Instagram seem to have trained users to know how to use them for their sites. But, what if you don't get it? What if you don't get how to use hashtags on Instagram vs Facebook? What then?

Well, you're in luck! While we might not be discussing Twitter in this article, we will be addressing how to use hashtags on the Instagram and Facebook platforms. Hint, they have very different uses on each platform.

Hashtags on Instagram vs Facebook: what's so different?

In short, biggest difference lies in how the two platforms have set up hashtags to function on their platforms.

Instagram uses hashtags like a categorizing index. Users add hashtags in front of a word or phrase as a way of labeling their images and captions so other users will find them. Instagram is set up so that if a user searches for a specific hashtag they will find a feed with images that have used that hashtag in their "directory" of hashtags on their post.

This is a very formal way of looking at it, but that's not usually how users decide on them. They often use the hashtags more as a summary of what the image is, who they are, and how they want followers to feel or how they feel about the image.

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, so there can be a lot of categories touched each time an image posts. We can talk about optimizing hashtag use later, but currently posts seem to get the most reach, right now, at 8-11 hashtags per post.

Okay, but how is Facebook using hashtags differently?

Facebook does allow minimal searching for hashtags on the platform, but since they aren't as commonly used, they don't often return much in search results.

Facebook often use hashtags to be a bit more tongue in cheek with their use. Using hashtags as a way of conveying feelings, using them like a cartoon thought bubble, and often as a way of tagging personal events or people.

Using custom hashtags on personal posts allow users to search through their memories more easily to bring up everything they and friends post about an upcoming wedding or baby. People often use them as a way of tagging their children, by using a nickname in the hashtag, so they can flip through images and memories of their kids as they grow.

In general, Facebook hashtag use is much more personal, while Instagram uses them as a service to followers and potential followers to find information they want, quickly and easily.

We live very sheltered lives. I mean we have internet, HVAC in our homes, vehicles, TV, cell phones, and all the main first world conveniences. We also have all of the #firstworldproblems - those little annoyances that nag us, annoy us, and RUIN our WHOLE day!! But do they though? Really?

#Firstworldproblems get in the way.

They steal our joy.

We need to remember that those aren't real problems. Yes people in first world countries have problems, real problems, but those first world problems aren't it. Yet, we give them power to control our moods and mental energy.

When we give these small problems power, we can no longer focus on serving others, loving others, praying, and simply being kind. Focusing on first world problems can and will consume our days. They turn our attention inward, to ourselves, instead of letting our minds see, experience, and move through the world looking for little joys all around us. When they have the power we can no longer see others we can help, or pray for. We no longer have time to stop and see what our kids want to share with us. We can no longer simply sit on the couch with our partner and be with them.

If we can reduce our obsession with our personal little annoyances and focus on those around us, with kindness, can you imagine the difference it would make in our world?

I'm also not suggesting we focus on others so much that we forget about ourselves and over-spend our emotional and spiritual tanks. Not suggesting that at all. I'm just trying to help spread a little joy and kindness to those around by looking up from my phone, my work, my unfocused frustrated tirade I'm letting loose inside my brain. If we can all look up from ourselves and observe the people around us. Look for chances to help spread a little kindness. If we can try to pay-it-forward whenever we can. Can you just imagine the difference it will make?

First World Problems Pin

Have you ever closed 279,435 tabs on your web browser? Or refused to close them because you're afraid you'll close something important?

Yeah. Me neither.

For real though. I know if my computer had half as much RAM as it did, and my internet was faster than 5mbps I'd probably leave all of my tabs open on the regular. As it stands though, I cannot. So, what's a girl to do?

I don't know about everyone, but I'll gladly tell you what I do.

First, I will note that I use Chrome. I use it on my laptop, my iPad mini, and my Google Pixel 3 phone. I like Chrome because it's easy, it's convenient, it's usually optimized, and it allows me to access the same saved info across all of my devices.

How do I save thing across devices? Bookmarks.

Bookmarks are my life-saving web tools. They help me organize data research, affiliate link locations from various brands, favorite websites, and so much more. I also love that, with a little thought, I can set up my bookmarks bar to work with me through folders and shortcuts. I can custom label them to keep the names short so I can squeeze more in to my favorites area below my URL bar.

I mentioned the folders. These are currently my favorite pieces of the bookmarks. At the moment, I have 12 (let's call them) "things" pinned to my bookmarks bar. Five of these "things" are folders. Between these 5 folders I have 35 different websites pinned with one click, no tab or window changes to search for anything, and minimal effort to find whatever website I need to open next. So, in reality, I have 42 websites/pages pinned under the URL bar in the area of 12.

Go try this! Save this page as a bookmark! I'll wait.

pssst! If you're in Chrome, just click on the little star in the URL bar. It will autosave to bookmarks bar, but you're welcome to add or change the folder or folder name.

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