You know how you have approximately a bazillion different social media links you want to share with your customers and no easy way to share them? Or you have an Instagram account and want to easily share multiple links with your followers to find you on other platforms or how to shop with you? You know what I am talking about, right?

Ready for your mind to be blown?

What if I told you that there is now a way to have all of your links in one spot? One link to share with followers, customers, and friends. Sounds too good to be true, right? It’s not! Enter Campsite. Campsite is this magical website that allows you to link you social media accounts (they even have the icons for you!), your shopping link, blog articles, Facebook group, and more… all in one spot. It also gives you the ability to customize it with custom color options, font selection, and more. You can make it look like you and your branding! Pretty awesome, right?

Make it even more personal.

Now that you have magically created this amazing Campsite link with all your info, you have a “funky” link to share with people and hope they remember it. What if I told you that you could now set up a domain redirect to be able to share a custom link with your followers and fans?

Domain redirect?! What are you talking about? Instead of trying to explain it, let me show you! I have two. You can check them both out… See how it took you to my Tap.Bio link? Check out the link in your browser, it no longer has my domains listed.

How do you do that, you ask? Keep reading.

That’s it! Now you have one pretty link to share far and wide. You can use the link on your business cards (my card says “connect with me” and my link), list it on your Facebook profile, share it when you are out and about, and I am sure there are other places I am not even thinking about.

How excited are you? What links are you going to include on your social tree link?

Hey you! Yes, you! You’re more than likely reading this because you are on your direct sales business journey and now wanting to learn about personal branding. Amiright?!

Guess what?! Branding yourself is an important thing to do. Why? It helps you stand out amongst the crowd! Think about it, if you are representing a corporate direct sales brand they want you to look like them so that they get brand recognition. The issue with that is then you aren’t standing out in the crowd of other consultants. In attraction marketing, you want to stand out. You want to be recognizable and memorable to your followers and customers.

Be you.

First and foremost, remember to be you. Being the most authentic you will bring others to you. Almost 10 years ago I started on my business ownership journey (I was a photographer!). I started out using my name, but was always wishing for a fun and creative name. Then I jumped into direct sales and continued to pine away for something fun and creative. About a year ago the fabulous Alex Tebow Designs created my logo, but I had kept thinking my business name needed to be more than just my name.

Then a few months ago it hit me like a ton of bricks. I am my brand. Therefore, my name is my brand and that is perfectly ok. That mindset shift spawned all of the puzzle pieces falling together.

YOU are you! Embrace it! People will know you with or without a “business name”. Your personal branding is more than a name. It’s more than your colors. It’s more than your fonts. It’s you. It’s how you make people feel and what they remember about you.

Remember that as you jump into personal branding. Remember that your brand is more than one thing. It is all the pieces of the puzzle put together to show you the big picture. If you get stuck along your branding journey, pick up a different piece of the puzzle and focus on that. Eventually all of the pieces will fit together seamlessly.

Do a brain dump.

Before you dive into the different parts of your branding, do a brain dump. Put it all on paper in any way, shape, or form that works for you. Some things to consider in your brain dump:  your favorite things, the things that make you you, what makes you stand out from others in your brand, and anything else you can think of. It doesn’t have to be perfect or all encompassing. Just start thinking about you. Once you have done this, you are starting to find all the puzzle pieces.

Ready to start your personal branding?

Here are the 4 parts to personal branding that you want to consider when creating your brand.

Want to learn even more about personal branding? Sassy Suite has an awesome video course for that, Personal Branding.

Visual Branding is an important part of your personal branding. It’s what your followers, customers, and those that don’t-even-know-they-need-you-yet see of you all around social media.

Visual Branding also tends to be what most struggle to figure out. I am sure you have some of these questions rattling around in your brain right now with a few extras added in… “What should my business name be? What should my logo look like? I have so many colors I love, which ones do I choose? How do I pick fonts?” Don’t worry, we will get you on the path of identifying the puzzle pieces and getting them put together.

Where do I start?

Head to Pinterest, create a secret board, and start pinning. Pin the things that make you happy. There is no right or wrong in this. Once you have pinned for a bit, take a look at the board. This will help you to see your overall style and feel. Don’t be surprised if it’s not exactly what you expected.

What’s in a name?

In the Personal Branding post I told you all about my aha moment and my name is my brand. I know that doesn’t work for everyone! Ya know that list I had you come up with in the Personal Branding post? Go look at that. What does it say to you about a name? Anything jump out? Don’t overthink it. If you can’t come up with one right away, keep going. It will come to you. If you really feel like you need one to move on, talk to a few friends or family about it. Those that know you can help see things you may not.

What colors?

Choose colors you love or like. If you aren’t happy with your colors, you won’t be happy with your entire branding. Your branding doesn’t have to include your favorite color. That’s totally up to you!

I love heading to Design Seeds, choose one base color, then explore all the different variations they have. I have pinned tons of my favorites. You can check out my board for inspiration here.

Your logo

First things first, don’t over complicate it (are you noticing a theme yet?). It can have your favorite thing, it can have a random image. You can use just the branding name you choose. Whatever feels right to you. Just think, Nike only has a swoosh. It’s simple and yet recognizable. At this point, you’ll want to start playing with graphics to create your logo. As much as I love playing with graphics and making most of my own, my logo was something I chose to outsource to my friend and graphic designer, Alex Tebow Designs. She has made many logos, invitations, business cards, and really all my graphic needs over the last 7 years. I can give her ideas of what I think I want to see and she magically creates something better than I could have imagined. That's why we've partnered with her to have her help make our client's logos just as magical as she has done with so many other logos. If you'd like to find out more about our branding packages, click here.

If you want to make your own, but need some help in how to make graphics, then I highly recommend the Sassy Suite course Brand Yo’Self with Graphics. This course covers how to use PicMonkey and Canva, along with other tips for creating beautiful graphics.

A few weeks ago my dad came over to chat with me about social media and how to use it for direct sales. He’s the reason I really have a love for direct sales and it was fun to start to teach him all the things I have learned over the last few years. As we were diving into the different platforms, branding himself, etc etc, I brought up the concept of Ideal Client. I asked him who was his Ideal Client. He pondered for a moment and said, “Millennials.” To which I quickly told him that he was on the wrong social media platforms for his Ideal Client.

Whoa… Cari. A what? An Ideal Client is the person you are speaking to online… your “perfect” client. They’re loyal to you. They become part of your tribe. Your ride or die. They’ll have your back no matter what and will refer their friends and family to you (unless they like your group a little too much and don’t want to share). 

Some things to think about when creating your Ideal Client:
Still trying to pick out your Ideal Client? How about an exercise.

Imagine you are in one of your favorite stores. Your Ideal Client will probably be wandering around this same store. There are also 50 other people wandering around this store. If you only had 5 minutes to pick someone out and chat with them, who would it be? And no, the answer is not the first person you see. It should be the person that fits into your Ideal Client profile.

In my case, I’d be wandering around Target (we frequent Target so often that my 2 year old now gets excited when we drive by. It’s always sad to disappoint her when we keep going.). I’d be looking for the 30-something mom that has her young (under 10 years old) kids with her. If it’s a decent day, she may even have a coffee in her hand as she wanders the aisles of Target. She may even be giving herself a little reprieve by hanging out in the toy aisle and letting her kids check out the toys while she checks in on her phone (ya gotta do what you gotta do some days). She is my Ideal Client.

Now, I am sure you are asking about all of the other guests in Target that I just walked past. How do I know they aren’t going to be my next great customer? I don’t! They may be my customer, too. My Ideal Client is who I am speaking to when I make posts and engage on social media. This is who I want to find me because she and I will understand each other.

What about those that don’t fit our Ideal Client?

Is there such a thing as perfect? Not really, right? Everyone is going to have their quirks and no one is going to be exactly the same or exactly like you. You are going to have some great customers that aren’t your Ideal Client profile at all. They may be all the things you aren’t looking for or marketing to. That is OK! Your Ideal Client is intended to be there for you to talk to and engage with online, to help you find your voice. You can’t please everyone and you don’t need everyone to be your customer. Attract those to you that want to be around you (Ideal Client or not!).

Got your Ideal Client? Now what?

Give her a name. Get to know her. Start talking to her online. Engage with her. She’ll start engaging back. I promise!

Make sure to check out the other posts in this series; Intro to Personal Branding and Visual Branding. Are you interested in learning more about Personal Branding and Ideal Client? It’s always a hot topic over in The Elite Suite, the premium coaching group for The Socialite Suite. Click here to sign up.

I know, you hear “object association” and it’s probably something you have never considered when you hear “personal branding.” However, it is a really important part of branding and to your direct sales business! Object association starts to build your community and let’s them get to know you.

Object association is what makes your people, your tribe think of you! What are things that you love that your friends and family get for you or send you pictures of and they tell you it made them think of you? That right there is object association.

Do my objects need to all be included in my logo?

Of course not! If you want to incorporate one (or more) of your objects into your logo or visual branding, then go for it. But don’t feel like you need to cram them all in. A logo can stand on its own and the objects can compliment it. The number one tip, don’t overthink it.

How do I choose my objects?

So, now that you know *what* object association is, let’s dig into what yours could be! There is no right or wrong amount of objects and sometimes the objects will choose you (or your community will). Remember, they need to represent you! Your life, your humor, your community. Make sure to choose items that you love (or at least tolerate), because the likelihood is that if you are doing your job right, you will get them in the mail (or tagged all over social media). This also means to avoid any of those objects, and I mean ANYTHING, you don’t want to collect.

Some object ideas…

Still not sure what your object(s) should be?

Ask your friends and family! Ask your community! You could already have one (or 10) and not even know it.

Yay! Now you have your objects. What’s next?

Start incorporating them into your life (if you don’t already). Talk about them in your lives. Make engagement posts about them. Have them in your photos, even in the background. Share how you incorporate your objects into your life.

Want to learn more about personal branding and dive deeper into all things social media marketing for direct sales and small business related? Come hang out with us in the Socialite Suite‘s premium coaching group, The Elite Suite.

In direct sales or social selling, a question that comes up often is, “what kind of presence do I need on Facebook?” Do you need a Facebook Business Page? What about a Facebook group? Do you need both? Why or why not? I know it’s something I questioned when I switched direct sales brands late last year. Do I still need all the things?

The first question you truly need to ask yourself is if Facebook is a platform you want to be on and if your ideal client is on this platform. If it is, then continue on.

Facebook Business Page

Your Facebook Business Page is designed to be the store front of your business online.

Fun fact: Did you know that a Facebook Business Page has SEO and is searchable and found on Google? That means that when someone goes online to search for something, you have the potential to show up. Making sure you complete your Business Page in it’s entirety will help to give you maximum visibility.

Facebook Group

Facebook has updated their focus to be very community-centric. And the best place to build community on Facebook is in a Facebook group. Why? Because people feel a sense of belonging and security when they are in a group with other like-minded individuals. Your people will find their tribe in your group.

A few key things to remember when creating your group(s)

Facebook Business Strategy

So now we know what a Facebook Business Page and a Facebook group are, but how do they work together?

Great question! Imagine your business as a brick & mortar storefront. Your business page is equivalent to what customers see when they are on the street deciding if they want to come in your shop or not. So, post things on your page that intrigue them, draw them in.

Your Facebook group is inside your shop where they get to know you. You get to dictate how much they know you, but building community and friendships will keep it going in the right direction. You want to make them feel comfortable and to keep coming back.

I was chatting with a friend about this recently and made a comment about how it could look like anything you want… and my first thought was of Central Perk (Friends reference, y’all). It looked like a warm, inviting place from the outside and I sure felt like I was sitting on those couches with the Friends once we were on the inside. I know not everyone wants a Central Perk, but think about what it is you do want and then work to create that atmosphere online.

Want to learn what to post and how to create that community feel? Now is a great time to come join The Elite Suite. It’s a premium coaching of The Socialite Suite and we discuss all the things to build your community in detail.

If you are in direct sales, then you have probably heard the term kitnapping (not kidnapping). I didn’t hear it right away, but when I did I was confused. Quite honestly, I didn’t see the benefit (as the kitnapper or as the sponsor). I mean, why wouldn’t you want to just buy the product from your friend or consultant? Why would you want to kitnap? How do you know if kitnapping is for you?

What is kitnapping?

Kitnapping is when you join a company because of the discount. Some join just for the kit (some kits are discounted more than 50% the value of the products!) and some join for the consultant discounts.

My kitnapping journey

Which takes me to my next point of kitnapping.

What are the benefits of kitnapping?

As the kitnapper, the benefits are amazing. You get an awesome kit or join special and access to the consultant discount. If it’s a product you and your friends love, you could always have them order from you, too, for the little extra pocket money. Most companies have a requirement to stay active, depending what it is, you can do a party (even a mystery hostess party) every so often for your friends and family to help keep you active.

As the sponsor, there are benefits, too! Depending on your company’s requirements, this could mean that you have an active consultant on your team every month, additional team volume, etc. And you never know when a kitnapper may turn hobbyist or jump in feet first and become a full blown consultant. A kitnapper means you have someone that loves your product. Maximize that. If/when they are no longer a kitnapper, don’t let them fall to the side. Follow-up and keep them as your customer.

How to kitnap

We’ve talked about what it is and the benefits. Now let’s talk about the how. It seems simple enough, but in my experience, there are a few things to consider when deciding what brands to kitnap and what team/sponsor to kitnap with.

Have you kitnapped? Do you have any extra tips? Comment below and share with us!

Want to learn more about kitnapping? Come join the Mama Needs community.

“Take the high road. It’s less crowded and has the best views.” A wise woman that I admire says this often. To me this statement means to always lead with value. To always follow your moral compass. It may be lonelier, it may be harder, but it will always be worth it.

Today has been an interesting day in the direct sales world. One brand is in transition (some would call this brand my competition) and another brand is making an attempt to extend a hand to those consultants that are unsure about the transition. This type of thing doesn’t happen a lot, so when it does, the direct sales world goes a little crazy trying to figure out what to do, how to handle it, and so forth.

Being in limbo sucks.

The consultants of the brand in transition have had a rough few weeks during this transition and yesterday they thought that it was finally starting to settle and they would be able to focus on going forward. Then today, brand #2, tried to show they support those consultants with an offer, but due to how some have handled sharing the offer, brand #2’s message is feeling spammy, yucky, and less than what anyone wants.

If you know me at all, then you know that all I have wanted to do the last few weeks is reach out to anyone I have ever even gotten to know a little bit and offer them a hug once I learned about the crazy that was going on. However, I have been so hesitant to do so because I never wanted them to think I was doing it in any way that was less than genuine and authentic. I did reach out to a few just to see how they were doing and hoped that the others I knew had close friends they were relying on for support. Oh, and p.s. I am a consultant for brand #2.

Integrity starts with me.

Then today happened. I have chosen to take that high road that I mentioned above and lead from a place of abundance. I am supporting my direct sales sisters that come to me. I am supporting them the best I can in Suitelandia. I am supporting my team by leading by example. I am not reaching out to any of my friends to tell them about an “amazing” deal because it feels icky to me. In attraction marketing, leading from the front, coming from a place of abundance, and sharing value is what it’s all about. To me, it also means that being in integrity starts with me. It may be harder, it may be frustrating, but at the end of the day, I know I have done my part. Staying in my own lane and helping those around me is what I do best.

Want to learn more about attraction marketing? Sassy Suite’s Attraction Marketing video course is a great place to start. Want even more in depth training? Come join us over in The Elite Suite. There are daily live tips, mindset challenges, and an amazing community of direct sellers working to do it better.

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