Facebook Business Pages and Facebook Groups for Direct Sales

In direct sales or social selling, a question that comes up often is, “what kind of presence do I need on Facebook?” Do you need a Facebook Business Page? What about a Facebook group? Do you need both? Why or why not? I know it’s something I questioned when I switched direct sales brands late last year. Do I still need all the things?

The first question you truly need to ask yourself is if Facebook is a platform you want to be on and if your ideal client is on this platform. If it is, then continue on.

Facebook Business Page

Your Facebook Business Page is designed to be the store front of your business online.

Fun fact: Did you know that a Facebook Business Page has SEO and is searchable and found on Google? That means that when someone goes online to search for something, you have the potential to show up. Making sure you complete your Business Page in it’s entirety will help to give you maximum visibility.

Facebook Group

Facebook has updated their focus to be very community-centric. And the best place to build community on Facebook is in a Facebook group. Why? Because people feel a sense of belonging and security when they are in a group with other like-minded individuals. Your people will find their tribe in your group.

A few key things to remember when creating your group(s)
  • Invite your friends and family to join your group by sending them a link, sharing it on your timeline, or plain old asking them if they want to join.
    • Don’t mass add all of your friends on your friends list, especially those you haven’t spoken to in forever and probably has no real clue what is going on in your life and vice versa.
  • Engage and create a sense of community in your Facebook group. Your tribe will reciprocate by telling their friends and family about you. And yes, it is ok to occasionally tell them to share their group or invite friends (and a bonus if you have a domain redirect or easy way for them to share your link).
    • Do not incentivize your group members to add their friends without inviting them by doing giveaways or loops. You may see short term gain, but
  • Do spoil your community with love and happy mail. You don’t have to do giveaways, but if you do, don’t make them a regular thing.
  • Be authentically you.
    • Don’t try to be what you think your group wants you to be or act how they want you to act. If they are there, they already like you at least a little. And if you are being you and they leave? They weren’t really your people to begin with.

Facebook Business Strategy

So now we know what a Facebook Business Page and a Facebook group are, but how do they work together?

Great question! Imagine your business as a brick & mortar storefront. Your business page is equivalent to what customers see when they are on the street deciding if they want to come in your shop or not. So, post things on your page that intrigue them, draw them in.

Your Facebook group is inside your shop where they get to know you. You get to dictate how much they know you, but building community and friendships will keep it going in the right direction. You want to make them feel comfortable and to keep coming back.

I was chatting with a friend about this recently and made a comment about how it could look like anything you want… and my first thought was of Central Perk (Friends reference, y’all). It looked like a warm, inviting place from the outside and I sure felt like I was sitting on those couches with the Friends once we were on the inside. I know not everyone wants a Central Perk, but think about what it is you do want and then work to create that atmosphere online.

Want to learn what to post and how to create that community feel? Now is a great time to come join The Elite Suite. It’s a premium coaching of The Socialite Suite and we discuss all the things to build your community in detail.

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