Flairly Social, LLC was founded in 2019 by three friends: Cari, Monica, and Britt. These three women believe that the online marketing world is not being utilized enough by small businesses. They want to show those small businesses how to create a strong online presence and attract customers that are looking for their products.

These three women have each built their own websites and strong social media presences for their businesses. They decided to join together and share those talents with other businesses. Help build their local main streets and chamber businesses, along with others around the country.

Shortly after launching Flairly Social, they were offered the opportunity to purchase an online marketplace website. Direct Creatives joined the Flairly Social family in late September 2019.

2020 has brought so many changes for all of us. Flairly Social is looking forward to doing their part in helping businesses provide stronger online presences while brick and mortar businesses are closed.

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