Personal Branding: Ideal Client

A few weeks ago my dad came over to chat with me about social media and how to use it for direct sales. He’s the reason I really have a love for direct sales and it was fun to start to teach him all the things I have learned over the last few years. As we were diving into the different platforms, branding himself, etc etc, I brought up the concept of Ideal Client. I asked him who was his Ideal Client. He pondered for a moment and said, “Millennials.” To which I quickly told him that he was on the wrong social media platforms for his Ideal Client.

Whoa… Cari. A what? An Ideal Client is the person you are speaking to online… your “perfect” client. They’re loyal to you. They become part of your tribe. Your ride or die. They’ll have your back no matter what and will refer their friends and family to you (unless they like your group a little too much and don’t want to share). 

Some things to think about when creating your Ideal Client:
  • Your Ideal Client is usually someone similar to yourself.
  • Think of things they would like and dislike.
  • Where would they be hanging out? Are they on social media? Where?
  • Give them a name! Refer to them like they are your friend (because they should be!).
Still trying to pick out your Ideal Client? How about an exercise.

Imagine you are in one of your favorite stores. Your Ideal Client will probably be wandering around this same store. There are also 50 other people wandering around this store. If you only had 5 minutes to pick someone out and chat with them, who would it be? And no, the answer is not the first person you see. It should be the person that fits into your Ideal Client profile.

In my case, I’d be wandering around Target (we frequent Target so often that my 2 year old now gets excited when we drive by. It’s always sad to disappoint her when we keep going.). I’d be looking for the 30-something mom that has her young (under 10 years old) kids with her. If it’s a decent day, she may even have a coffee in her hand as she wanders the aisles of Target. She may even be giving herself a little reprieve by hanging out in the toy aisle and letting her kids check out the toys while she checks in on her phone (ya gotta do what you gotta do some days). She is my Ideal Client.

Now, I am sure you are asking about all of the other guests in Target that I just walked past. How do I know they aren’t going to be my next great customer? I don’t! They may be my customer, too. My Ideal Client is who I am speaking to when I make posts and engage on social media. This is who I want to find me because she and I will understand each other.

What about those that don’t fit our Ideal Client?

Is there such a thing as perfect? Not really, right? Everyone is going to have their quirks and no one is going to be exactly the same or exactly like you. You are going to have some great customers that aren’t your Ideal Client profile at all. They may be all the things you aren’t looking for or marketing to. That is OK! Your Ideal Client is intended to be there for you to talk to and engage with online, to help you find your voice. You can’t please everyone and you don’t need everyone to be your customer. Attract those to you that want to be around you (Ideal Client or not!).

Got your Ideal Client? Now what?

Give her a name. Get to know her. Start talking to her online. Engage with her. She’ll start engaging back. I promise!

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