Personal Branding: Object Association

I know, you hear “object association” and it’s probably something you have never considered when you hear “personal branding.” However, it is a really important part of branding and to your direct sales business! Object association starts to build your community and let’s them get to know you.

Object association is what makes your people, your tribe think of you! What are things that you love that your friends and family get for you or send you pictures of and they tell you it made them think of you? That right there is object association.

Do my objects need to all be included in my logo?

Of course not! If you want to incorporate one (or more) of your objects into your logo or visual branding, then go for it. But don’t feel like you need to cram them all in. A logo can stand on its own and the objects can compliment it. The number one tip, don’t overthink it.

How do I choose my objects?

So, now that you know *what* object association is, let’s dig into what yours could be! There is no right or wrong amount of objects and sometimes the objects will choose you (or your community will). Remember, they need to represent you! Your life, your humor, your community. Make sure to choose items that you love (or at least tolerate), because the likelihood is that if you are doing your job right, you will get them in the mail (or tagged all over social media). This also means to avoid any of those objects, and I mean ANYTHING, you don’t want to collect.

Some object ideas…
  • favorite animal
  • favorite color (#teampurple all the way here!)
  • washi tape
  • planners
  • symbols (do you have a tattoo?)
  • Grammar memes (I get them all the time. Some call me a grammar snob. Ha!)
  • Mom humor
  • An accessory you don’t leave home without
  • Beverage of choice (coffee, anyone?)
  • Vacation spot (Did someone say Disneyland?)

Still not sure what your object(s) should be?

Ask your friends and family! Ask your community! You could already have one (or 10) and not even know it.

Yay! Now you have your objects. What’s next?

Start incorporating them into your life (if you don’t already). Talk about them in your lives. Make engagement posts about them. Have them in your photos, even in the background. Share how you incorporate your objects into your life.

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