What is Kitnapping in Direct Sales?

If you are in direct sales, then you have probably heard the term kitnapping (not kidnapping). I didn’t hear it right away, but when I did I was confused. Quite honestly, I didn’t see the benefit (as the kitnapper or as the sponsor). I mean, why wouldn’t you want to just buy the product from your friend or consultant? Why would you want to kitnap? How do you know if kitnapping is for you?

What is kitnapping?

Kitnapping is when you join a company because of the discount. Some join just for the kit (some kits are discounted more than 50% the value of the products!) and some join for the consultant discounts.

My kitnapping journey
  • The first time I kitnapped the company was having a dollar join special. I joined to get the discount on the product. What a great deal! I placed an order once and then went inactive. Oops.
  • Then next company I kitnapped also ran a special. It was $10 and I got a mini kit, which included order forms, a few sample products, and catalogs. It was perfect for the kitnapper or someone that didn’t have a lot to spend, but wanted to launch a business.
  • Then there was the kit I asked for as a birthday gift (Younique). I had fallen in love with the product. I didn’t plan to sell it, but I wanted the discount. And Younique’s start kit has an amazing value. Oh, and a bonus! Younique gives presenters $25 Y cash for their birthdays. I joined just in time to get that, too!
  • The last company I kitnapped I accidentally built a team and am a leader direct to corporate. I joined because I love coffee, I love my friend that started the company, and to have fun. Who knew it would turn into this?

Which takes me to my next point of kitnapping.

What are the benefits of kitnapping?

As the kitnapper, the benefits are amazing. You get an awesome kit or join special and access to the consultant discount. If it’s a product you and your friends love, you could always have them order from you, too, for the little extra pocket money. Most companies have a requirement to stay active, depending what it is, you can do a party (even a mystery hostess party) every so often for your friends and family to help keep you active.

As the sponsor, there are benefits, too! Depending on your company’s requirements, this could mean that you have an active consultant on your team every month, additional team volume, etc. And you never know when a kitnapper may turn hobbyist or jump in feet first and become a full blown consultant. A kitnapper means you have someone that loves your product. Maximize that. If/when they are no longer a kitnapper, don’t let them fall to the side. Follow-up and keep them as your customer.

How to kitnap

We’ve talked about what it is and the benefits. Now let’s talk about the how. It seems simple enough, but in my experience, there are a few things to consider when deciding what brands to kitnap and what team/sponsor to kitnap with.

  • Be open and honest with your sponsor that your intention is to kitnap. Being upfront with them will set you both up for success.
  • Find a sponsor that understands kitnapping. My best kitnapping experience was when they kept me up-to-date on specials/deals and what I needed to stay active. I was like their wholesale customer.
    • You never know when you may decide to turn this into more than just a kitnap. So also make sure you connect with your sponsor and it’s someone you would want to work a business with.
  • Make sure you understand if there are website fees or anything else besides the minimums to stay active.
  • If you are joining during a special, make sure you understand all that is included in the special kit.

Have you kitnapped? Do you have any extra tips? Comment below and share with us!

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